Versailles Oak Panels

versailles Oak Panelled floor

Famous, classically French, “Versailles” wooden panel flooring. These can be made with solid oak or with engineered oak planks tongue and grooved.

They can be finished to order, or we can finish them on site. They have the advantage of being relatively quick to install, covering an area in square modules rather than piecing together the fine parts in situ.

hand made oak versailles panel

fait à la main

We supply made to order hand made French Oak Versailles panels.

Each piece is individually made and assembled using traditional mortise and tenon joints and dowel pegs. This is a technique that has been used for centuries and the secrets of the craft handed down through generations. No Glue !

The panels are then installed, sanded and finished on site with hard wax oils tailored to your requirements.

This traditional method produces a rich floor with real character which will last, and age with the building.

Pre-Finished Engineered Panels

800 x 800 x 20mm Oiled pre-finished

Versailles panels

Also available unfinished, installed, sanded and finishes in situ

Lacquered Pre-finished boards 600 x 600 x 15 or 20mm