Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring


ASL has an excellent selection of stone flooring, sourcing the very best from around the world. Time worn face and edged flagstones, in large sizes, Contemporary honed face and sawn edge stone and marble, or the timeless beauty of French limestone, reclaimed dallage.
Matching material to client an essential part of the design process.

Some stones are limited in size and format by their very nature. Others just look better in a certain format or follow a centuries old tradition which we can replicate today.

We can produce mm perfect water jet designs from CAD drawings to your specification.

We aim to help you source the best material for your project.
Call us with your requirements or fill in our Enquiry form and we will get back to you at once with relevant suggestions without you needing to waste any more of your precious time. 020 3372 4496

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