Artemis Stone OIBST11

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A very white limestone and uniquely one that withstands frost and can be used as external cladding.

Dense hard while stone with minimal speckle, suitable for flooring, tiling, cladding

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Open Porousness

(UNE-EN 1936:2007)

9.2 %
Apparent Density

(UNE-EN 1936:2007)

2450 kg/m3
Water Absorption per capillary

(UNE-EN 1925:1999)

22.000 g/m2·s0.5
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure

(UNE-EN 13755:2007)

3.7 %
Flexural Strength under a concentrated load

(UNE-EN 12372:2007)

12.1 MPa
Frost resistance

(UNE-EN 12371:2002)

-18% variation of the flexural resistance
Abrasion resistance

UNE – EN: 14157:2005)

23.5 mm
Slip Resistance


47 PSRV (dry polished)

24 PSRV (moist polished)

Anchor breaking load

(UNEEN 13364:2002)

1250 N
Geological description

(UNE-EN 12407:2007)

Resistance to ageing from thermal shock

(UNE-EN 14066:2003)

0.02 % variation of the mean mass