fait a la main

Fait à la main

fait a la main

Fait à la main. The Best Oak Flooring in London...probably.

Hand made French oak flooring made in the traditional way from sustainable forests.

If you are concerned about where your floor originates and the care and attention to detail that has been put into it's production then this is the floor for you.

100% FSC French Oak from managed forests, we follow the process from the hillsides of Burgundy through production to your home.

French-Oak-floor Oiba

Wide Plank French Oak

Why French Oak ?

  • French Oak has a unique traditional use in wine making. Many of the best wines and whiskeys are aged in French Oak barrels. The flooring is made from the same tree, with the oak from the base of the tree used for the barrels and the long stem for flooring and building, joinery and timber frame construction.
  • The tannins present in the oak which help give the wine it's flavour present themselves in the light tonality of the wooden floor planks presenting a natural consistent colour.
  • Sustainability. 
    French Oak Forests have been managed and re-planted for hundreds of years. In 1291 King Phillipe created the “Administration des Eaux et Forets” (Administration of Waters and Forests) which was only superseded in 1966, when it was replaced by the ONF (National Forestry Office). This undertakes to safeguard the PEFC regulations and to encourage biodiversity.
  • French oak is processed and graded using strict guidelines by FNB (National Wood Federation), which manages many of the sawmills in France, they have very clear grading rules and method for drying. Many products made with French Oak have single origin material, which guarantees consistency and the quality of the finished product.
  • The age of the trees allows us to create genuine wide boards without need to use modern veneering techniques and without you feeling guilty as another one was planted the following year and will be ready for harvesting.
  • And finally, the oak has not had to travel half the way round the world to get here and so there is less harm to the environment.

Wide Plank French Oak Oiba

Rustic French Oak Herringbone

Rustic French Oak Herringbone

Hand Made French Oak FSC

We aim to help you source the best material for your project.

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